I’ve spent the first part of my life in Salamanca, with my pencils, markers and notebooks; the other part in Madrid, surrounded by vintage magazines, muses, coloured pencils and my pen and tablet. Drawing has always been my main passion in life, since I started drawing everything I liked, until years later that I began collaborating in different projects.

I studied Illustration in Madrid’s Arte 10 School and 3D modelling and animation in Cice new Technologies School. Thanks to the circulation of my illustrations on the Internet I started working for online magazines. Through these experiences I learned the profession, the regularity, and to study different illustration styles. I started working as a freelance and since then I’ve worked for different companies, agencies and editorials.

I enjoy 2D and 3D animation, editorial illustration, painting and above all challenges and experimentation.

I’ve taught comic courses in English for children, illustration classes for adults, worked as an art gallery assistant and taken part in various collective exhibitions.